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Over the past ten years, we’ve built a legacy as an industry leader in loyalty programmes and rewards campaigns. We have created and executed over 1000 solutions across a diverse array of sectors. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of rewards-based technology and know how to get you results.

Loyalty Programmes

A customised loyalty programme can help you build a sound relationship between your brand and desired customers. You can offer these loyal fans exclusive products, promotions, or preferred pricing in return for their loyalty. Loyalty systems are built for longevity and are long-term investments that drive ROI over time by encouraging increased spend and repeat purchases.

Rewards Campaigns

Our multi-platform rewards programmes leverage new and traditional technology solutions to bring FMCG rewards to consumers across South Africa. These programmes are excellent campaign-based sales drivers that produce results. Our technology allows for a seamless purchasing validation system by utilising till slip readers to identify the purchases and reward customers. From category banners in store, to the correct alignment between consumer and reward, let us handle your next rewards campaign.

We have proficiency in the following technology integration:

  • USSD
  • SMS Shortcodes
  • WhatsApp
  • Web Based Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Point of Sale Integration